Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Howard Lim – your Toronto dentist – offers porcelain veneers for teeth straightening or improving aesthetic appearance

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Teeth Straightening For Crooked, Uneven or Overcrowded Teeth Without Braces!

Porcelain veneers at Bathurst Dundas Dental Centre: Dr. Howard Lim is proud to offer teeth straightening that can be completed without braces. Using porcelain veneers, we can provide an excellent alternative method of teeth straightening, meaning even the most crooked or uneven smile can be made to look incredible in a much shorter space of time and without the traditional discomfort of braces.

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded onto the front surfaces of your teeth. They are custom crafted by a specially trained technician to precisely fit your teeth.

What is porcelain veneers used for?

Veneers offer many dental aesthetic solutions including:

  • Closing spaces between teeth
  • Lengthening and widening teeth
  • Modifying the shade or colour of teeth
  • Creating the appearance of perfectly straight teeth
  • Creating a beautiful smile (movie star smile)

What are the benefits of porcelain veneers?

  • They are strong and virtually undetectable
  • They are stain-resistant and look completely natural
  • They require minimal tooth preparation, conserving natural tooth structure
  • They are lasting, durable and looks beautiful
  • They provide dramatic results in as few as 2 appointments

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