Gum Graft

Gum Graft

After a full examination of your mouth, Dr. Howard Lim – your Toronto dentist, will determine the best gum graft options for you.

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Some people resort to gum grafting for cosmetic purposes, for example to improve the appearance of their smile. If your teeth appear too long due to receded gum, you might feel uncomfortable or self-conscious while smiling or talking. Gum graft maybe a good solution for you. After the examination of your mouth, Dr. Lim will determine the best technique that works with the nature of your soft tissue and will discuss all your gum grafting options with you.

The recovery from gum tissue graft procedures can take up to 2 weeks. That is for the stitches to heal properly, but generally patients can go on with their regular lives starting the following day. Dr. Howard Lim will also provide you with detailed instructions regarding postoperative care, such as diet, physical activity, medications and dental hygiene routine. You’ll be in safe hands from start to finish. Call your Toronto dentist, Dr. Howard Lim at (416) 603-5677 or fill out the form below to book your dental appointment.

Gum Graft - before and after

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